Make a Search Report Using Vlookup & Iferroar with Data Validation

 Search Report Using Vlookup & Data Validation

Data Sheet

You can Make Report By Required Criteria.

In the below Image sort Class wise Student list  from main Student List .

For Making the Sheet Pick your Data File 
Insert Blank Column Before Starting List column.
And Make Blank Report Format.
On the top Make Criteria Cell.
Here We are find Particular class student.

Data Validation

Drop Down List

For Class drop down list go to Data tab > Data Validation 

In setting tab Select Validation criteria list 
Type in the source field. Here Criteria is Each Class. Type Class including Comma.
Then Click OK

Class drop down list will Enable.
Click cell A4. Apply IF formula .
You must have J2 Cell Lock  by pressing F4.

Copy Cell A4 and Paste till to end your data.
You can paste in extra cells for future Data Report.   


In the Blank format Apply Vlookup with IFERROR.
Here Lookup Value is Sr. No. Cell.Range Select from column A to E . If error Formula will help for #VALUE! convert in Blank Cell.

Copy Formula & paste below.
You will get Selected Class Student List.

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