Remove Extra Space From Cell Text Using trim Formula & Paste Special option for Paste Value

Trim Formula & Paste Special Function

Usage of Trim Formula

Remove Extra Space from Text using Trim Formula.
Between two word some time double space found or Before starting word. Remove space using formula very simple.

Steps –

In the following Image Name list shown in column C. Here found extra space in the text. For remove the space click on next cell of name .

Type =TRIM(      then click on text cell close bracket % Press Enter.
Automatically removed unwanted space. Copy that formula & paste in the cell bellow.
Trim Formula with paste special

Paste Special

Remove Formula & Paste Only Value – 

In the trim formula behind cells formula shows value. But not use for any work. For remove formula & get text only or actual value use function paste special.
Copy Data which is applied trim formula. 
Trim Formula with paste special

Select cell where to paste text & right click on mouse.
Select Paste Special
Trim Formula with paste special

Click on Value 
Then Press OK
Trim Formula with paste special

Your Text will be convert in Normal Text
Trim Formula with paste special

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