Imagine You Excel Data Entry Form Like An Expert. Follow Few Steps To Get There

Use unseen MS Excel function – Make data entry form in few steps

 Excel Function – Data Entry Form

Introduction – Excel starts with data entry. Data entry is a very time consuming process. The data entry form is a good way to make data entry simple and fill in accurate fields. But to create a data entry form, we need vba coding. Now not everyone knows vba coding. And vba coding is a complex process. If a format is created in vba, it is used only for that purpose. A form cannot be created by coding vba every time. In this tutorial today, we have brought a solution for this.

We can manage data by creating a simple data entry form. Just follow some steps in the settings and add the button to the form. After that whatever your table format or whatever file is there, you can generate data entry form by just clicking a button everywhere. With the help of data validation, we can also make this simple form an advanced data entry form. In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to bring data entry form and how it works MS Excel Function.

1. How to apply MS Excel Function Data Entry Form?

To Show the data entry form, we have to add the button of the form to the Quick Access Toolbar.

  • Click on the tab of the file in the top left side of Excel.

  • Click on the last Option – Option

  • Excel Option window will open. Click the Quick Access Toolbar from the left-side bar option below. Under Customize the Quick Access Toolbar in the main window, select Commands from the drop down under this option will set the popular command, click on it and select All commands.

  • All the commands of Excel will be visible. Scroll by clicking on one of the commands. Search and select Form …  option.
  • In the middle of the window, the button of Add >> will appear, click on it and press OK. Symbolof the form will be added in the Quick Access Toolbar in the header of the file above the Ribbon of the Excel file.
File >> Option >> Quick Access Toolbar >> All Commands >> Form >> Add >> OK

  • Now click on any cell of your table and click on Symbol of the form in the Quick Access Toolbar. The data entry form will be created with all the options in your table headings. If you have only the headings in your table, then in the first cell below the heading 1 Give the number and then click on the form.

2. Shortcut For Open The  Form 

Alt + D + O
Alt + Quick Access Bar Number for Form

A shortcut search has to be done to open the form. When you press Alt, the number will appear on the icon of the form in the Quick Access Bar. When you press the number, the form will open. The number can change according to the rank of Quick Access Bar.

  • If in the table First cell below headings is blank then it will look below Massage. Clicking on OK will open the form.

3. Default buttons are provided in the entry form. We cannot customize the form. Let us know which button has got the work done.

3.1. New Entry (Alt + W) – This option is used to make a new entry.
  • Open the Form
  • Enter Data.
  • Press Enter. Data will be transferred.

3.2. Find Next (Alt + N) – This option is used to see the next entry that is appearing in the next form.

3.3. Find Prev (Alt + P) – This option is used to see the entry before the entry that is appearing in the form.
3.4. Delete (Alt + D) – This option is used to delete Displayed entries in the form.
  • After pressing the delete button, the entire row of the displayed data will be deleted.

3.5. Criteria (Alt + C) – This option is used to search any data.You can search any data of any column by entering it in the Particular Tab of that column.

  • After pressing enter, according to the search criteria, records will appear in the form.
3.6. Restore (Alt + R) – You are editing something in the data entry form. While editing, something went wrong, and if you want to see the old information again, the information is restored by pressing the button of Restore.
  • The old entry will appear again while editing

3.7. Close (Alt + L) – To close the window.


    1. In this way, we can create a simple data entry form on one click. Tab will automatically change according to your data. It makes a very good form without coding.
    2. We can easily make this form, but we cannot change anything in it. This is the default function of Excel, we cannot customize. There is some difficulty in using in the beginning, but in practice we can use it properly.
    3. The search option is nothing special. It is a little difficult to search the same search Criteria.

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