Excel VBA Tutorial 4 – How to add tools from the toolbox in the Excel VBA user form

How to Make User form in Excel VBA

The window of the toolbox appears as soon as you add the user form. If the window is hidden, you can view or hide the toolbox window by clicking on the toolbox option from the view option.

Toolbox Tools –

All the tools given below are common tools which are mostly used. Apart from this, there are other tools which you can add to the tool control’s additional control option in the tool box.

Text Box Text Box
Combo Box
list box
Check Box
Option Button or Radio Button
Command Button
Tab Strip
Multi Page
Spin Button
Image Image
Scroll Bar

The tools given above are always used in any desktop application or online application form.

How to add tools from the tool box in the user form?

It is very easy to add tools to the user form. Click on the tool you want from the toolbox in the user form. And go to the user form and drag. You can increase or decrease the size of the tool by dragging.
You can do formatting from the Properties window by clicking on the added tool.
After adding the above tools, they have to be coding to operate.After understanding all the functions, we will also show a practical software. Video tutorials will also be available soon. Write your suggestions in the comment box.

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