Insert blank rows from Data Table in excel । Delete Blank Row in Excel

Learn How to Insert empty rows in the Data Table 

In this tutorial, we will learn to insert a blank row under each data row in the data table.

We will insert a blank row under each name in the table below. For this, enter the serial number in the last blank column of the data table.
Select and copy all those serial numbers and paste again under the same serial number. This means that you will allot serial numbers to the blank row along with the serial of the data table.
    Then click on a cell in the Data table and click on the Filter option in the Data tab. All headings will see filter icons. Click on the heading of the data column of the serial number and click on the Smallest to largest option of Filter.
After selecting the smallest to largest option, serial numbers will be arranged. And below each data row will be inserted a blank row.

How to  Delete empty rows in the Data Table 

    Similarly, we will use the filter option to delete the blank row. Click on the filter icon in the column containing the blank row cell .Un-tick to Select All Option. And just tick the blank option. And click OK. 
Only blank rows in the data will be filtered and displayed. Select all the rows and Delete. 
Then remove the filter. All blank rows will be deleted.

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