Excel to calculate age DATEDIF Formula | Calculate Experience and Age in Excel one line formula |Excel Formula | Excel Function

Calculate Experience in Excel Using Excel Formula DATEDIF (excel to calculate age) DATEDIF Function Calculate Given Date of  Period.For Calculation Age, Experience, Period between 2 Dates, Dated if formula help for period calculation. Ex. In the following Image we can see Employee Name Date of joining & in the last column D count their Experience. Let’s … Read more

Excel formulas of if | Learn Excel IF Formula with Simple Example | Excel Formulas | Excel Functions

Excel formulas of if  What if excel formulas ? Ans :- If formula use for show  multiple  condition Result. When Cell Value or Text match with our logical condition excel gives result what we want. Ex. I want make Result sheet  Pass or Fail Student. I can use “IF formula” with passing criteria. First Condition … Read more