Many ways to delete rows and columns in Excel | how to delete column in excel ?

Learn how to delete row and column in excel You can use keyboard  shortcut keys to delete rows or columns in Excel, or even delete them with the mouse. To delete a row, select the row you want to delete in Excel. Right-click on the row with the numbers on the left side of the … Read more

Excel’s new XLOOKUP function is now generally available. Learn How to Apply XLOOKUP function?

Here comes the Xlookup function. Now say goodbye to the Vlookup function. The most popular function of Excel is called Vlookup Function. A few months ago Microsoft launched a new function Xlookup Function.Now it has been added in the update to Office 365. In this article, let’s learn how to Apply XLOOKUP Function and what … Read more

IF formula in excel | Example for Value Base Calculation | Tax Rebate Example | Set Maximum Value Limit |

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Sum of positive and negative Numbers from column | SUMIF Function |Excel Formula | Excel Function

Use of SUMIF Function If you have some positive numbers and negative numbers in the list, then with SUMIF function we can sum only positive or only negative numbers. You can only easily do 2 steps.1. Selecting Range2. Apply more than and less than conditions. = SUMIF(Range,Condtion)Let’s understand from an example. 1. Sum of Positive … Read more

4 new use of vlookup | Learn how to apply vlookup | MS Excel Vlookup Formula

Vlookup Formula in MS Excel What is Vlookup ? Vlookup formula is the option of vertical Lookup to get information from the table.There is a lot of data in a big table, and if we have to extract some information, we can easily see the information by applying Vlookup.  How can vlookup be used? Not only information, … Read more

Microsoft added in MS Excel 6 new dynamic functions that automatically spill results into multiple cells

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Picture Lookup Excel Function for Show Photo From Excel Database using Index and Match Formula according Code or Name

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