Conditional Formatting Highlight Cells Top-Bottom Rules

Highlight Require Data Using Conditional Formatting Conditional Formatting Rules Usage         In the MS Excel highlight Selected Data as per multiple conditions using Conditional formatting. First Option available for Highlight Cells rules for Numbers Greater then, Less than, Equal to and for Text option text that contains, for date Next week, Last week … Read more

Make Mark-Sheet in Excel Using Formula Min, Max, Average, Percentage, IF with Example

Make Mark-Sheet in Excel Make simple dynamic mark sheet in excel Mark sheet Calculation make simple . use formula Min, Max, Average, Percentage, IF IF              : =IF(E4<35,”F”,IF(E4<60,”C”,IF(E4<80,”B”,”A”))) Learn If formula in details Click Here Minimum:Type =MIN(      then Select Range that entered marks & Close Bracket.   =MIN(E4:E9) Maximum: Type … Read more

SUMIF Formula & SUMIFS Formula for Summery Report in MS Excel | MS Excel Formulas | MS Excel Functions

MS Excel SUMIF Function & SUMIFS Function SUMIF Formula Sumif function use for calculate sum with condition from given data set. We can use Multiple criteria for detailed summery report.   For finding cash payment we need range, criteria & sumange. Column C is our range & cash is our Criteria. Text available in Cell F5. … Read more

COUNT Excel Data using COUNT, COUNTA, COUNTBLANK, COUNTIF, COUNTIFS | Excel Formulas | Excel Functions |

5 Useful COUNT Formulas in Excel  Introduction-  Count your Data with different conditions. Separate formula use for particular condition. Numerical value, Text value, Blank Data, Filled Data & Given Criteria wise data any data count using this 5 formulas. COUNT Formula Count formula use for count only numerical value from selected data. In the following … Read more

COUNTIF Formula & COUNTIFS formula Make Summery Report in MS Excel |MS Excel Formulas | MS Excel Functions

Make summery Report using Countif & Countifs How to use countif formula in excel Countif Function use for Count given criteria from the large data. If once apply the formula need not update report time to time. Value will update automatic according Data Entry. In the Employee master data Staff Name, Designation & 3 department … Read more

Remove Extra Space From Cell Text Using trim Formula & Paste Special option for Paste Value

Trim Formula & Paste Special Function Usage of Trim Formula Remove Extra Space from Text using Trim Formula.Between two word some time double space found or Before starting word. Remove space using formula very simple. Steps – In the following Image Name list shown in column C. Here found extra space in the text. For remove … Read more

Searchable List Using Formula IF, SEARCH, VLOOKUP, IFERROR & Search Creditors Balance in Excel

Searchable List Using Formula  Using Excel Formulas – IF, SEARCH, VLOOKUP, IFERROR We Can Search Result with Name or Code. Trace Customer Balance or Any Criteria. Find any result using any searching criteria. Ex. In the following Image looking 1st List is Creditors Balance & second List is Search list for search creditors name & … Read more