Excel Functions Data Filter| Learn how to filter data of different categories and copy paste the filtered data into separate sheets.

MS Excel Data Filter Learn from the beginning  What is Filter? According to the information we can view any data separately, calculate or copy, paste it in a separate sheet. If we have a date wise cash receipt register and we want to see only the data of a specific date, then we can filter … Read more

Learn Basic Data Sorting in MS Excel Data sort by Alphabetical Order & Reverse Alphabetical Order A to Z & Z to A

Data Shorting By Text Usage of Data Sorting –  Data sort by Value Content     In the Excel Sheet we can arrange Data by Different Order. Column Text List short by A to Z Alphabetical order Or reverse. Numerical column Data short by Smallest to Largest or Largest to Smallest. Date can arrange by … Read more

Picture Lookup Excel Function for Show Photo From Excel Database using Index and Match Formula according Code or Name

Picture Lookup in Excel Usage of Picture Lookup –       Picture Lookup Help to show Photo from the database according Name or Code. Find Picture from large database only one click. If you have large data of employee in excel with images. You want to see photo of particular selected Employee entering his … Read more