If once apply the formula need not update report time to time. Value will update automatic according Data Entry.

In the Employee master data Staff Name, Designation & 3 department shown. We are finding how many staff working in each department.

For Sumif function need range & Criteria. Range means which column that contains finding data. Means for make department wise summery we need select department column D.

Each Department is our criteria. Range            (D:D) Criteria          (F5)   or Text

In the cell G5 press =COUNTIF( Then select Range coloumn D & press comma

then click criteria cell F5 (Text can use as criteria in the inverted comma Ex. “HR”)& Press comma Close the bracket & Press Enter.

=COUNTIF(D:D,F5)   or =COUNTIF(D:D,”HR”) Copy that formula cell & paste in the cell bellow.